Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – IV – 4

The repeating double

This refers to a yoga siddhi of constantly creating different states of mind in oneself and in others with the help of ‘I’ness or Asmita Bhava. This strong thought of I alone is responsible for various births and deaths. This also has the capacity to create a replica of itself and go through different experiences that it has to go through. SS

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – IV – 3

Removing blocks

निमित्तमप्रयोजकं प्रकृतीनां वरणभेदस्तु ततः क्षेत्रिकवत्||
Nimitthamaprayojakam Prakriteenaam Varana Bhedastu Tatah Kshethrikavath||

All  Yogic Sadhana  that is aimed towards transformation and self-realisation do not reveal the truth directly. They are an instrument that is indirectly helpful in removing the obstacles and blocks that seem to hide reality. Just as a farmer prepares the soil, removes weeds and other obstacles that obstruct growth and lovingly nurtures the crop with water and fertilizers, the different yoga sadhanas help to purify the mind of its gross obstacles, is restlessness and the subtle veil that hides the truth.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – IV – 2

Change over a long time

जात्यन्तर परिणामः प्रकृत्यापूरात्
Jathyanthara Parinamah Prakrithyapoorat||

The movement of consciousness from one state of nature to another is done by the process of Aapuranam or filling up. With practice and constant striving, when the gaps in one state of Prakriti is filled, it turns into another aspect of nature, creating a shift even in the classification of nature such as animal or plant. - SS

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – IV – 1

Kaivalya Pada

जन्मौषधि मन्त्रः तपः समाधिजाः सिद्धयः
Janmaushadhi Mantrah Tapah Samadhijah siddhayaha||

Yogic siddhis are special supra-physical and psychic powers. They are achieved through four means. One is through birth. Some people are born with these powers. This is on account of yoga sadhana done in past lifetimes. If death came even before completion of their Sadhana, they begin right away from where they left, in the next birth. Aushadhi or certain medicinal herbs can give siddhis but they have to be taken only under the proper guidance of a guru. Ordinary and banned drugs which cause altered states of consciousness are not to be included in this list as they are harmful, addictive and lead to nervous and mental disorders.
The most positive way, which is totally in our hands and has no side effects is siddhis through chanting mantras or seed sounds that have the power to explode into higher realms of consciousness. Though a safe way, even mantras need the guidance of a preceptor or a Guru to make us make the right choice and point out the number of repetitions and other important details.  It is also got through penance and austerities and born through the practice of dharana dhyana and Samadhi. – SS

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Patanjali Yoga Sutra – III – 56

The state of Kaivalya

Satwa Purushayoho Shuddha Samye Kaivalyamiti||

When the distinction between the seer – Purusha and the seen – Existence ceases with the purity of mind, the state of Kaivalya or a liberated mind is indeed very close by. – SS